Information for Authors

The Metamodernist welcomes unsolicited articles that discuss culture or ideas of any kind from a perpsective that touches on metamodernism. We do have a few guidelines on how to increase the chances of us publishing your article:

  • A length of at least 500 to around 2000 words is a good guideline for the length of your article, but we will consider articles of any length.
  • It’s important that articles tie metamodern themes or ideas into whatever they focus on. For example – if you have a favorite movie or book you wanted to review or discuss, we encourage that. But in order for the article to be appropriate material for The Metamodernist, you would want to talk about how the subject of your article ties in Metamodern/Postmodern themes or style.
  • When you submit an article please preface it with a small summary of what the article is about, the wordcount of your article and your contact information for readers to contact you with questions if they wish. We prefer for authors to have Twitter accounts as well.
  • Submit an article here.